So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

Want your favourite hymns, sermons or disciple tool materials in my-iBible?

Have your church leaders write us about this possibility. We can customize my-iBibles with these audio materials,  exclusively for your church. 

Hear what some customers say about my-iBible S200:

"Received my iBible S200 yesterday...I started listening to it this morning. I can tell you I love it" Joyce

"I am enjoying listening to the iBible especially at night while going to sleep.  It is relaxing and a great way to learn.....I am legally blind and light bothers me so the light given off on the display is just about right most of the time...All in all I enjoy my iBible very much!" Margaret

my-iBible S200
... for a new exciting listening experience ...

 ...for a new exciting listening experience ...

To find out more about my-iBible S200 and features, please click here:  my-iBible S200

my-iBible S100
... for a new long lasting listening experience ...

...for a long lasting listening experience...

To find out more about my-iBible S100 and features,  please click here:  my-iBible S100


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